Maximize Cap Rates in Smaller Markets

Maximize Smaller Market Cap Rates

Corridor Funding has been busy the last several years funding in all of the major MSAs throughout Texas and we continue to deploy capital weekly into Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  However we are noticing an impressive trend of value being acquired and renovated in smaller markets where our investors are able […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year — for Real Estate Deals

Single Family Home with Christmas Lights

As a real estate investor, should you stop marketing around the holidays? It’s an age old question that investors love to kick around in online forums. The real question is: do you want to keep buying houses through the end of the year? The debate can go back and forth, but from my personal experience […]

Six Vs. Twelve Month Term loans

Corridor Funding Single Family Home Loans

The term length of your hard money loan could be costing you thousands of dollars more than you need to be paying. Recently, several new investors have asked us how long are term lengths are. Our standard loans last for a 12-month term. We can even help our clients refinance if they need additional time. When […]

Californians are flocking to Texas

Single Family Home Loans

Homeowners from California, Illinois, and New York have recently started flocking to Texas. The cities of Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas have experienced an influx of new residents that are starting new jobs and purchasing homes. This is not big news to real estate agents, wholesalers, and real estate investors. We have witnessed many of our […]

Using Debt To Build Wealth

Corridor Funding helps investors grow their wealth

New investors frequently ask why a real estate investor with sufficient capital to buy an investment property (rather fix-and-flip or buy-and-hold), borrow if they have sufficient capital on hand to fund the purchase and renovation of the investment property. When I explain that investors do this so that they can make more money there is always […]

Why you should consider HUD foreclosures while the crowds head to auctions on the courthouse steps

As Real Estate Investors across Texas prepare for Tuesday’s foreclosure and tax lien auctions, many investors are finding better deals outside of the “Texas Tuesday” sales. The best source of REO properties that I have found is buying foreclosures straight from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are properties that were purchased with […]

Finding Opportunities With Tax Lien Lenders

When you are starting out in the world of real estate investing, it can be a challenge to sift through the abundance of information available to a new investor. Heck it can even overwhelm a seasoned investor as well.  You are bombarded with facts, strategies, testimonials, and lots of advice that probably lead to more […]

4 Reasons To Fire Your Hard Money Lender

Corridor Funding Single Family Home Loans

Hard money lenders have a bad reputation – and a lot of the time, it is for good reason! These lenders give the rest of us a bad name and can cost their clients tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense on every flip! We have put together a list of some of the most […]

Cash on Cash Return of 275%

New Construction Home Loans

Late last year, a new client was referred to us by one of our repeat borrowers. The client was having a hard time finding a property for his first flip. He had been getting outbid on everything he was interested. A property came to our attention through a wholesaler, Marcela Alcala, that we do a […]

Using Leverage to Increase Your ROI

Corridor Funding Single Family Home Loans

In the business of lending to professional real estate investors, we are often told by an investor that they aren’t interested in our loan products because they are a ‘cash-buyer.’ This is how I used to think too. When I started in real estate investing, I used a small amount of money, bought my first […]