Creative financing Solutions

As a Private Money Lender, Corridor Funding is able to find and offer creative financing solutions for almost any investment property. Please contact us directly to see if we can help with your next deal.

Transactional Funding

Loans designed especially for wholesalers! Corridor Funding offers transactional funding loans for wholesalers and other investors who are selling properties using simultaneous or back-to-back closings. We offer transactional funding at our normal 2% fee! Call today for more details!


Already own a rental or investment property? Unlock that property’s hidden equity with a Cross-Collateralized loan and pay no money out of pocket! We can use up to 75% of the equity in your current investment property towards the down-payment on a new purchase and rehab loan at the same low 10% interest and 2% origination fee of our normal Fix & Flip or Buy & Hold Loans!


Corridor Funding offers commercial loans for investors looking for quick closings and bridge-type financing for acquisitions and/or property improvement or tenant stabilization. 


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