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Corridor Funding is a real estate investment lending company, founded by Jasen Miller and Jason Hirko. The two started the company when they recognized there was a need for a different real estate financing option.

Prior to the founding of Corridor Funding, real estate investors were limited to banks and traditional hard-money lenders as financing options, both of whom make the process complicated, drawn-out and ultimately riddled with unexpected expenses. We are positioned between the two traditional funding sources. We stand on a firm foundation of integrity, professionalism and strategic process to get your loan funded.

Corridor Funding lends to individual real estate lenders, LLC’s and even corporations who are looking for a hardworking real estate hard money lender who can make the loans happen, fast and serve as a long-term partner to build your net-worth. We close loans quicker than banks and whether it’s a short-term bridge loan or a 30-Year Fixed Rate, the loan will not be reported to the credit bureaus, keeping your debt to income (DTI) ratio strong!

Whether your investment is rehab to rental, fix & flip, new single-family residence (SFR), multi-family, or commercial; and whether you are a foreign national or US citizen Corridor Funding has the right product for your investment opportunity.

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100% of Financing Covered on Ground Up Construction

Corridor Funding is proud to have funded 100% of the costs for this ground up construction loan to build 7 new houses for our borrower. Enjoy this video of the smooth progress our client made! The loan was closed in September of 2021 and was fully paid off with the sale of the 7th property in April of 2022. They excelled with their project management, communication, and draw scheduling. Corridor Funding is proud to partner with this client and looks forward to our valued relationship in the years to come!

80% of our clients are returning customers

Lending the Way

Where We Lend

We are a Texas based hard money lender with a local understanding of the markets highlighted below. We have identified these states as places that are great for investing, and are actively lending in them.

Helping you reach your financial goals.

The Corridor Funding

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Service and Personal Attention

Dedicated employees trained on our products will keep you informed and manage the lead the way to your close so you can focus on finding deals, where the money is made with real estate investment.  No brokers, no call rooms, just personalized attention where we measure success by reaching your real estate investment goals.

Real Estate Investment Lending Working With Integrity

Transparency & Pricing

Every loan begins with a term sheet where your rate and lending fees are clearly disclosed.  We pride ourselves in keeping you informed with no surprises at closing.

Real Estate Investment Lending Process

Fast Close

Our 30-year FIXED rate loan closes within 10 days of your appraisal and our Bridge, Value Add, and Fix & Flip loans can close within 24-48 hours of your appraisal report completion. We will use our network of appraisers to find an appraiser that can meet your closing date and our borrowers pay the appraiser directly. Our underwriting and processing are working 24/7/365 and this consistency in process, fast close, and service is how we have earned lasting partnerships working with our borrowing partners.

Fast Draws

We know how important budget and payment management is and our renovation or new construction funding is wired to your account the same day the inspection report is completed, or the following morning.

Easy Application

Our two-page application requires an estimated 15-30 minutes to complete and with your application, a contract, and renovation budget we take over to get you to your close so that you can manage your business and find more real estate opportunities.

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I bought a flooded house using Corridor Funding. They are more than just the cheapest hard money around - they do whatever it takes to make me a repeat client!
Maria V.
Houston Flipper & Wholesaler


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